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Finishing Equipment

Presenting and extensive variety of equipment to finish your pieces we have machines that will apply coats of sealer, top coat finishing, stains, primer, UV coatings, and veneers. Some of our finishing equipment can work on two surfaces of your project at the same time. Tackling two surfaces at once decreases the time spent on each part as well as expense and labor. 

Whether you need fine sanding for finishing and shaping or coats of fluid finishers, finishing equipment makes the job easier for your employees and increases the amount of pieces that you can complete. When you need to ramp up your production, and still deliver high quality work, any one of our extensive selection of finishing equipment will help you deliver your products on time. Boasting user friendly settings and intuitive controls, your employees will be able to master the finishing equipment and create the production levels you need. 



Drying Oven



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