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Edgebanding puts a thin strip of beautiful trim on your finished woodworking projects, hiding the exposed edge of the unfinished wood material. It also adds an extra layer of durability to the piece of woodworking that you’re creating. High quality edgebanding will also give the appearance of a more solid wood, or a wood of a higher value.  

Edgebanders make the process of creating edgebanding easier, quicker, and highly cost efficient. Whether you’re working in a large or small shop, an edgebander can increase your output of finished projects. With user friendly touch screen controls to easy to clean glue pots, edgebanders come with a wide variety of features that you can select from based on the needs of your shop. 

Pneumatic power and coil feed options make your production of edgebanding simple and easy. Read outs designed to accommodate all adjustments allow you to create the perfect piece of edgebanding for each and every project.

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