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Fimal P3200SX

Inventory#: P3200SX
Brand: Fimal
Inventory#: P3200SX
Brand: Fimal

Fimal P3200SX

Excellent cutting finish and quality
The carriage sliding system, with large diameter bearings that roll along hardened and ground prismatic tracks, together with mechanical machining operations carried out on numerically controlled machines, mean stability, no vibration, excellent sliding and straight cutting. The tracks are fixed to the carriage and to the sub-carriage by mechanical pressure, avoiding any risk of glue losing its adhesion through age.

Sawing unit with long shaft
The sawing unit with a long shaft slides vertically along prismatic guides. Stability and lack of vibration are ensured by the considerable distance between the bearings of the long shaft. Power is transmitted through a new PolyV-belt.

Extension table fence
The extension table fence can be quickly set from +45° to –45° with fixed references at each angle and at 22°30’ because it is equipped with a rapid locking system and always keeps the stop settings constant in relation to the saw blade in any position, whether square or at an angle. This fence is extremely useful when frequent cuts are required at different angles.

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