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  • FlexiRip JrionLine universal circular saw

Weinig FlexiRip JrionLine universal circular saw

Inventory#: Weinig FlexiRip JrionLine
Brand: Weinig
Inventory#: Weinig FlexiRip JrionLine
Brand: Weinig

Weinig FlexiRip JrionLine universal circular saw

The universal longitudinal circular saw — the all-rounder for every operational scope

Extremely flexible for a variety of applications

High cutting precision

High production output, even with extremely hard materials

Comfortable one-man operation

Quick saw blade change

High operational safety

Very user-friendly

Anti-blocking system

The genuine Jrion from WEINIG offers universal applications in small, medium-sized and large operations.

When it comes to cutting planks, boards and panels, the FlexiRip has established a reputation as an efficient and flexible longitudinal circular saw.

Customers particularly appreciate the high levels of flexibility, the optimal wood recovery and the one-man operation.

FlexiRip : the solution when it comes to universal application!

In addition to solid wood, a range of other materials can also be cut, including plastic, aluminum and a variety of panel types.

The FlexiRip's cut length and usable width is harmonized with its workpiece dimensions.

Operation is simple : Lay and align the work piece on the machine table and initiate cutting via the pedal!

When the pedal is released, the saw blade dips and returns to the start position.

The feed speed can be continuously and finely adjusted from 0 – 80m/min.

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