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Weinig OptiCut S 90 Series Automated Cross Cutting & Stacking

Inventory#: OptiCut S 90
Brand: Weinig
Inventory#: OptiCut S 90
Brand: Weinig

Weinig OptiCut S 90 Series Automated Cross Cutting & Stacking

Unlimited range of applications and high productivity combined in one series

Improve your value creation from cross-cutting - cutting precision, flexibility and optimal safety - the automatic optimizing cross-cut saws with positioning pushers of the DimterLine OptiCut S 90 series offer all of this combined with high productivity. Whether cutting single boards or packages of boards, profiles or rods in solid wood, panels or even plastics, modern operations need this flexibility - in fixed-length cutting, when cutting out defects and for optimization.

The Dimter Line series offers you innovative mechanical engineering from cross-cut saw specialists combined with state-of-the-art control technology and software - everything from a single source. You can decide on the level of equipment and extension, whether a single machine or fully-automatic linked cross-cutting line with integrated work piece recognition - now or later. Flexibility is retained at all times – e.g. via the "manual cutting" function.

All machines in the OptiCut S 90 series can be easily operated for the OptiCom terminal. Create a cutting list and off you go! Operating safety is also guaranteed under extreme conditions And another advantage: Customers of DimterLine machines benefit from the service of an experienced manufacturer and the security of the worldwide presence of WEINIG.


More flexibility, quality and performance with every cut

Flexibility and performance - perfectly harmonized in the Dimter Line OptiCut S 90 series push-feed saws.

The centerpiece is the unit comprising the saw, positioning system, controls and software - everything from a single source. This enables you to fully automate the process stages of - transport, positioning, clamping and cross-cutting of a variety of infeed materials. Naturally, there is no set-up time when changing incoming goods. Automating your cutting guarantees reliably high daily performance and production quality. The high flexibility of the OptiCut S models is not least attributable to the "manual cutting" function in each case.

Even the OptiCut S 50, cuts up to four times faster than manual cross-cut saws, and with half as many workers." (Operator testimonial)

Better performance – at less cost. 
Even the smallest Dimter Line OptiCut S cuts up to 4 times as much as a manual cross-cut saw. And with half the number of employees! This makes business sense whether you achieve full daily output with fewer saws and personnel or whether an employee only has to dedicate part of his working time."


A true multi-talent - added value guaranteed

In the beginning there was only cross-cutting - more value creation during cross-cutting

The Dimter Line OptiCut S 90 series with its extensive options offers you the ability to fully automate the cross-cutting process and to integrate additional work stages. Charging, sorting, waste separation, stacking of single boards or package of boards, workpiece recognition as well as drilling and milling processing - everything fully-automatic from a single source.


Cutting of single boards and packages of boards

Multiply your production output many times over. One prerequisite is that the workpieces must be suitable for pack cutting. When packages are cross-cut, the throughput volume of an OptiCut push-feed saw can be increased to performance ranges that can otherwise only be achieved with a through-feed saw.

Criteria for cutting packages of boards, 
- the single lengths to be produced must be required multiple times? 
- the workpieces to be machined must be suitable for combining in packages in their dimensions and cross-sections
- cutting out of wood defects is not essential for the product, e.g. if the required lengths are created from "defect-free" incoming goods or "defective" wood quality is permissible for the product.


improved wood recovery

The push-feed saw models of the OptiCut S Dimter Line series cut 
- Cut fixed lengths according to a specified cutting list
- Cut out defects (optional)
- Ensure minimum waste or maximum value creation via full optimization of the incoming goods (optional)

All OptiCut S Dimter Line models feature optimization software as standard, which allows you to perform optimized cross-cutting with no additional equipment. The OptiCut S models use the required individual lengths of the cutting list to automatically calculate best combination of lengths that can be achieved from the infeed length.

Equipped with optional 
- Automatic length measurement and 
- Defect detection by chalk marking 
the OptiCut models represent fully-fledged optimizing cross-cut saws for lengthwise cross-cutting.

The software of a Dimter Line OptiCut S optimizing cross-cut saw with positioning pusher ensures optimal wood recovery and, thus, maximum profit. Cross-cutting fixed lengths, defect removal, optimization – optimization can easily save 8% or even more on waste. This means that the OptiCut quickly pays for itself.
The standard production statistics of any OptiCut will give you a quick overview of this and can be easily viewed by contacting the company network. This creates transparency in wood purchasing and production performance.


Optimal work safety

The OptiCut S 90 series from the Dimter Line makes sawing automatically safe

Adjusting the stop, dangerous positioning, clamping and performing the cut by hand – those days are finally over. Each Dimter Line OptiCut S 90 performs these steps precisely and fully automatically. This is done effortlessly, even with cumbersome and heavy workpieces. A pusher transports and positions the wood precisely. Depending on the model, the pusher achieves travel speeds up to 300 m/min. – a significant increase in productivity combined with safety and user-friendliness.

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