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Weinig EasyStop Cross Cut Positioning System

Inventory#: EasyStop
Brand: Weinig
Inventory#: EasyStop
Brand: Weinig

Weinig EasyStop Cross Cut Positioning System

Precise cutting, drilling and milling on manual processing machines - the EasyStop makes it possible. For accurate positioning, only the input of the desired machining position is required. Then the stop system moves automatically to the desired position, the operator can create the workpiece to be machined on the stop and push manually to the edge of the stop system. Possible impact impacts are cushioned by the integrated drive control. This increases operator safety and workflows can be performed comfortably and quietly. With the length stop system, manually operated machines are semi-automated, resulting in quick, easy and precise workpiece machining. 

The entry into the automation of manual processing machines
High quality due to precise system positioning
Simple setting on the HMI device
BOMs allow quick and easy editing
Flexible processing possible Multiple lengths 10 lists of 20 lengths each

Position Stop
Serves as a length stop and can be folded back if necessary. The rigid widening is mounted directly on the stop slide and allows manual referencing of the stop edge to the 0 point of the processing machine. 

Operating mode - manual operation

The desired position is entered directly on the HMI device. Immediately after acknowledgment, the length stop moves to the desired position.

Operating mode - List operation

Enables the creation and saving of 10 lists with 20 lengths each directly on the HMI device. The workpiece preview assists the operator in entering the machining positions. Useful functions, such as the consideration of multiple lengths, target / actual quantities, as well as the processing of individual workpieces or workpiece packages, can be activated as required.

Extreme shocks are compensated by the integrated drive control system. 

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