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Pizzi EasyPUR

Inventory#: 1102JW
Brand: Pizzi
Inventory#: 1102JW
Brand: Pizzi

Pizzi EasyPUR

EasyPUR is a professional gluing system for the application of polyurethane adhesives for wood (PUR adhesives), one component moisture curing.

EasyPUR represents a very clever and effective solution for the application of PUR adhesive, timesaving, fast and clean.

A unique system, not so expensive as other larger and complicated machines to apply PUR adhesives it is more productive and profitable compared to PUR glue cartridge systems, which are costly and not practical if used in a production cycle!


EasyPUR consists of:

·         Metal cart;

·         PUR adhesive drum.

·         Our standard drum has two openings, one for the suction pipe and a smaller one for the dry air.

·         We use the Tri-Sure standard covers (see picture 1 below).

·         Suction pipe with filter and foot valve;

·         Hose with valve and CAM-Lock fitting;

·         High-quality diaphragm pump Santoprene diaphragm.

·         The quality level of the diaphragm pump is very imperative, especially with PUR adhesives for wood.

·         The stall-prevention pneumatic system assures a safe, long-lasting pump running (new generation diaphragms with “long Life profile”) and it does not need lubricated air.

·         Pump pressure regulator;

·         Silicagel air dryer filter (first filling provided);

·         Hose - 3 m;

·         Glue gun with universal pointed nozzle, on which all PIZZI nozzles are interchangeable;

·         Side container for the glue gun (to be filled with the suitable cleaner – cleaner is not provided).

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