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Giardina Dualtech 420 Oscillating Spray

Inventory#: Dualtech 420
Brand: Giardina
Inventory#: Dualtech 420
Brand: Giardina

Giardina Dualtech 420 Oscillating Spray

The Giardina Dualtech 420 Oscillating Spray with two reciprocating arms has been designed to spray stain, primer and finishes onto all smooth or shaped surfaces.  It is available in three versions:

  • Single Belt” (SB) with a 2,000 mm synthetic belt equipped with the traditional and reliable GiardinaGroup product recovery and belt cleaning system
  • Dual Belt” (DB) with synthetic belt and disposable paper system, so that the operator can choose the most suitable system
  • Single Belt Paper” (SBC) with a disposable paper system. 

The abatement system can be dry or water curtain "Dualfast” gun “quick change” system makes it possible to switch from one color to another in a few seconds.

Taurus Craco is a proud Distributor of Giardina machinery and other leading brands of distinction.

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