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Koch Sprint base.line Drilling and Dowel Insertion Machine

Inventory#: Sprint Base.Line
Brand: Koch
Inventory#: Sprint Base.Line
Brand: Koch

Koch Sprint base.line Drilling and Dowel Insertion Machine

The KOCH Sprint base.line Drilling and Dowel Insertion Machine is pure function, top quality and consistent high performance all combined into one.

The machine is equipped for horizontal drilling and doweling. However, to achieve maximum processing flexibility, it can be additionally equipped with a vertical drilling station for drillings in the border area. The proven technology guarantees high-quality drilling and doweling results -consistently over long periods- and reproducible accuracy thanks to perfect precision.

Faster production processes and exact reproduction are an ideal combination to make perfectly precise dowel joints for products such as



Cabinet and furniture frame parts

Solid wood rails, stiles, jambs and posts


  • 4 working fields
  • Max. workpiece width: 1,300 mm / 51.18”
  • Horizontal drilling station with 1 drilling spindle
  • Glue injecting and dowel insertion station
  • KOCH WOP - parametric programming
  • 3 stops manually lowerable (center and side stops)
  • Windows 10
  • Premium Remote Support
  • Central lubrication


  • Extreme efficiency due to the possibility to process 4 workpieces simultaneously
  • Fast drilling operations due to strong drilling systems
  • Easy, self-explaining machine handling due to the new KOCH user interface
  • Clean drill holes and precise positioning of dowels
  • High precision due to solid and robust design
  • Maximum availability due to brand-name and quality components
  • 18,5“ screen with Beckhoff control and network connection

Taurus Craco is a proud Distributor of KOCH machinery and other leading brands of distinction.

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