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Dynma ADP - Electromechanic & Automatic Press for Doors & Frames

Inventory#: ADP
Brand: Dynma
Inventory#: ADP
Brand: Dynma

Dynma ADP - Electromechanic & Automatic Press for Doors & Frames

The Dynma ADP - Electromechanic & Automatic Press for Doors & Frames is a pressing machine, basically composed of a sturdy welded steel rectangular frame made with laser cutting technology that incorporates a conveyor belt for automatically loading and unloading doors.

Clamping elements responsible for pressing the door are:

1) A mobile platform, with a clamping surface of one piece spindles driven by precision charge of longitudinal pressing of the door.

2) A cross-bridge moving longitudinally, with retractable plates blocks responsible for pressing the side of the door, pressing the door between these plates and the plates of fixed bridge.

3) Four pneumatic clamps (Z-Push kit) that frontally pressing on the corners of the door to be assembled moments before the pressing phase, to thereby ensure the flatness and prevent twisting of the door. (Optional accessory).

Thus the pressing of the door is performed by approximating different pressing planes (mobile platform and movable bridge) to the door, said movement being fully automatic and pressing the press so that adjusts itself to the dimensions of the door.


  • Max. / min. length (x) 2.480 / 200 mm
  • Max. / min. width (y) 880 / 210 mm
  • Max. / min. thickness 60 / 10 mm
  • Maximum lateral strength (Fx) 1.300 kg
  • Maximum frontal strength (Fy) 1.300 kg
  • Front clamping platform continuous 2500x60 mm
  • Telescopic lateral clamp plates 100x60 mm
  • PVC conveyor belt with variable speed 10 / 35 m/min.
  • Standard transport height H1 900 mm
  • Voltage / Frecuency 400 v. / 50 hz
  • Electrical power 3.5 kw
  • Transport dimensions LxWxH 5.900 x 1.950 x 1.500 mm
  • Weight 1.700 kg


  • Movable Control panel with easy programming screen
  • Adjusts itself to the dimensions of the door
  • High production rates
  • Variety of measures

Taurus Craco is a proud Distributor of Dynma machinery and other leading brands of distinction.

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