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Wood-Ed Table Woodworking Training Simulator

Inventory#: Virtual Reality Training Simulator
Brand: Wood-Ed
Inventory#: Virtual Reality Training Simulator
Brand: Wood-Ed

Wood-Ed Table Woodworking Training Simulator

WOOD-ED Table is the unique virtual training table that simulates 4 different types of machines (table saws, rip saws, planers and shapers). This advanced equipment provides the student with a fully immersive experience of its activity. It tracks the user’s hand motion and provides them with a realistic 3-D vision of the tool and wood materials. Furthermore, a unique force feedback system recreates the real feeling of wood cutting. By a selected set of exercises, moving the student from basic practicing to more advanced manipulation, it teaches how to operate the machinery in a secured way. The user will be more confident when they move to the real machine, reducing the risk of injuries.Main Features
WOOD-ED Table provides a user friendly environment to practice the uses and motions related to wood preparation in a secured way. Virtual reality prevents workers from any injuries and gives a real-time feedback of your cutting job. Moreover this cuts the costs of the raw materials and speeds up the student’s understanding of the machinery.

• analysis and evaluation of the secured motions ;
• analysis and evaluation of the cutting/forming efficiency ;
• simulation of the vibrations ;
• innovative realistic force feedback system ;
• simulation of the wood hardness ;
• replay system ;
• profile management for students and instructors ;
• curriculum management ;
• onsite or cloud training follow-up.

What is WOOD-ED Table?
Woodworkers are used to manipulating wooden boards on stationary saws or grinding machines. This operation requires good manual skills, perfect understanding of the machine use and a good knowledge of the wood\\\'s behaviour.

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