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Bacci BMT 4-Axis CNC

Inventory#: BMT
Brand: Bacci
Inventory#: BMT
Brand: Bacci

Bacci BMT 4-Axis CNC




Mitre, Mortise, and Tenon

Of Stile and Rail Components


The BMT 4-Axis is Baccis’ new solution for producing mitred kitchen cabinet door components, and is specifically configured for flexible, high volume production requirements. The Bacci BMT 4-Axis produces high quality 45° mitred, mortised and tenoned components for use in cabinet door construction.

Bacci BMT 4-Axis Features:

- Two (2) direct drive spindles, one for the mortise and one for the mitre/tenon.
- Two (2) zone work table for pendulum processing capability.

  • Opposing left and right reference fences for perfectly mitred corners.
  • Side and top clamps for maximum clamping ability.
- Four (4) interpolated axes fully managed by the NC control.
- Longer (800mm) X-Axis stoke for machining even the widest parts.
- Automatic lubrication system for the 4-Axis NC controlled motion systems.
- Quick and flexible programming software for processing various profiles shapes and sizes.
- Easily recall previous programs manually or via bar code.


The Bacci BMT 4-Axis CNC is the only machine to be equipped with a 4th NC controlled axis.

This 4th NC controlled axis allows:

  • Complete elimination of any possible manual settings, other than for a tool change.
  • More accurate positioning and faster cycle times. The common 3-Axes machine controls the Y-axis movement of the mortise and tenon spindles with pneumatic cylinders. Bacci, instead, uses independent NC controlled drive motors for the mortise and tenon spindles. Thus the Y-Axis movement is faster and more accurate.
  • A more reliable drive system over that of a pneumatic cylinder.

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