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Next Generation of “On-The-Job” Training Simulators for Wood Manufacturers Industry…

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Next generation of “On-The-Job” Training Simulators for Wood Manufacturers Industry…

Brampton, Ontario July 27, 2016. Taurus Craco Machinery Inc. and MIMBUS, expert provider in innovative solutions for machine operator training, is proud to introduce a new product line dedicated to the Wood Industry. WOOD-ED branded systems include two innovative solutions for distinct skill sets: Carpenter / Cabinet maker and Sawmill operator.

WOOD-ED TABLE is the unique virtual training system that simulates four different types of woodworking machines (band saw, dimensioning saw, planer and router) on the same virtual table. The user is immersed into a realistic experience in 3D vision and sound while the unique force feedback system creates a genuine feeling of resistance, vibration and motion.

WOOD-ED FACTORY offers a virtual training environment that replicates the real situation of a modern sawmill operator to teach, track, and provide instant feedback through a progressive set of exercises and powerful learning management system (LMS).

These products can be used as a powerful enhancement to existing training programs or within a company’s employee screening process. Both provide a very real immersive experience and robust learning management to ensure the desired goal: safe, confident, and well trained students and employees.

“We are excited to bring these exclusive products to the North American market. Wood-Ed systems serve as powerful tools to help companies and schools maximize training effectiveness while minimizing risk of injury, materials waste and production downtime”, said Taurus Craco president, Wes Love.

With Wood-Ed, students and instructors are able to progressively analyze, target and correct problem areas while enhancing safe, proficient training and machine operation. Moreover, virtual environments mean no dust, no material waste and no downtime. Employees are able to practice skills safely and realistically at their challenge level practicing with variables like wood hardness and cutting requirements.

WOOD-ED TABLE and WOOD-ED FACTORY are exclusive products to the North American market. Thanks to MIMBUS expertise, you will be able to experience that technology during the International Woodworking Fair BOOTH #8373 where both solutions will be demonstrated. Moreover, WOOD-ED TABLE was selected as one of 21 finalists at the prestigious IWF Challengers Award. 

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