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Wood ed training simulator headed for Toronto

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The companies’ mimbus and Taurus craco have collaborated for better woodworking technologies. One such innovation is the catalogue of WOOD-ED. The companies are experts in their own field. Both the companies have collaborated and they are now innovating new wood crafting machineries.

What is wood ed?

The term wood ed refers to the wood working machinery virtual reality training system and the program is being distributed by Taurus craco across Toronto and Canada. It is considered to the safest technology for wood working and it is developed by mimbus which is a company based near Toulouse in france. The training system is safe very realistic approach to wood working.

About mimbus and Taurus craco

Bothe companies Taurus craco and mimbus are reputed in their own fields as experts of their work. The company mimbus which is based in Toulouse of france have a large worldwide network and it is one of the leading businesses of woodworking virtual reality training. While on the other hand, Taurus craco which was founded in 1994 and based in Canada, it is a leading company of wood working tools and technology. The company is reputed for their innovative equipment and both the companies today have collaborated for making a better work.

Achievement of Taurus craco

Ever since it was founded the company have gained considerable expertise in wood crafting and hence it is now one of the leading players on the wood working industry. The company have come up with innovative thermal insulation technologies like foam injection system. They have a wide range of woodworking machineries to offer and hence the collaboration of the companies will surely yield positive results.


After collaborating with mimbus, the company Taurus craco have come up with a catalogue called the WOOD-ED which is the training simulators for wood workers. The WOOD-ED table will be premiering in the month of November around 5th to 7th of that month. This innovation will surely bring a new dimension to wood working industry today.


The companies mimbus and Taurus craco both are experts in their respective fields and it can go without saying that their collaboration would bring about revolutionary innovations in the field of wood working. You can get some really advanced woodworking technologies to look forward to now that both these companies have collaborated.

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