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MIMBUS welcomes Taurus Craco as new partner in Canada

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Mimbus is one of the leading companies in virtual training experiences. Recently the copany has collaborated with tauras craco. The company tauras craco was founded in the year 1994. The company is known for their innovative designs and technologies in wood crafting.

Mimbus which is one of the leading companies of wood working are now collaborating with Tauras Craco machinery which is based in Brampton, Ontario.

About mimbus

The company mimbus has a worldwide network and they are ever expanding. They have ten years of virtual training experience. The company is known for their innovations and cutting edge technology which altogether make them one of the best companies worldwide.

About tauras craco

Founded in the year of 1994, the company has developed considerable expertise in the field of wood working. The company today is considered a powerful leading company when it comes to building new wood crafting tools. Emerging as one of the top players in the industry of wood crafting, the company is much sought after by other business tycoons for collaboration.

About the collaboration

The companies have recently collaborated and according to sources in mimbus the collaboration has been done by choice since tauras craco has emerged as one of the finest company in building new tools. The collaboration will without doubt yield some of the finest wood crafting technologies and tools in the near future.

Achievement of the company

Taurus craco has started two new stone equipment division and also polyurethane foam injection system for various types of thermal insulation approximately two years ago. The company is known for their variety in their innovative ways of technology and the new age wood crafting equipment that they have developed over the years.

The ultimate collaboration

The results of the collaboration have given rise to a exclusive catalogue with mimbus training suite. Known as the WOODED the catalogue is featuring the latest innovations of the company. The company has purchased the training simulator for the woodworkers and it is called the wooded table or the WMS 2015 and it is located in Toronto, Canada. The WMS or the Woodworking Machinery and Supply Conference and Expo is undoubtedly one of the best collaboration initiative that would take forward the art of wood crafting and the various technologies which are employed for the betterment of this particular field.


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