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Taurus Craco is named exclusive distributor (Ontario and Atlantic) of OrmaMacchine presses.

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Brampton, Ontario Canada. As a leading Canadian distributor of industrial machinery, Taurus Craco Machinery Inc. values its international partnerships that provide quality solutions in wood, stone and advanced materials technologiesAs part of this effort Taurus Craco is excited to announce that it has entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with OrmaMacchine to distribute press machinery to benefit of its valued customers in Ontario and Atlantic Canada.

About Taurus Craco

Established in 1994, Brampton Ontario, Taurus Craco Machinery Inc. is a leading Canadian distributor of new and pre-owned industrial machinery serving woodworking, stone and advanced materials industries. Additionally, Taurus Craco services expand into technical support, specialty tools, parts & supply, tooling & profile grinding, machine operator training and safety education.

About Ormamacchine

With over 50 years of experience Ormamacchine has been dealing with hydraulic presses with particular focus on woodworking but also expertise in materials such as leather, composites and polyurethane to establish industry leadership both in their national and international market. A production capacity of about 900 plants/year, 130 employees and 5 production units (all located in Italy), the company is based out of Bergamo, Italy. Ormamacchine produces hot press, cold press, membrane press as well as solutions for press gluing, molding, bending and laminating wood and other materials.

“Ormamacchine is very respected as a world leader in press technology and we are extremely excited in working to bring these Quality products to Canada” explains Wes Love, President of Taurus Craco.

For more information about Taurus Craco products in Canada or this distribution arrangement, contact: Steve Onisto, sonisto@tauruscraco.com.


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